EXPERIENCE ALLOWS FOR A FLEXIBLE START  |  Start by calling or emailing Tom, he is happy to listen and learn about your hopes and dreams with no obligation to you. Upon learning what is most important to you, Tom will be able to answer any questions you have and provide an overview of what the likely cost will be should you wish to proceed to the next step, and what a realistic timeline will be for your potential project. 

The benefits of a seamless approach become more clear with the realization that in Tom, you have a single person who understands where you started, how you arrived at your final design, and how to implement your wishes.   And in contrast you will see how adding layers to the process when core duties are provided by in some cases, a number or people, drives up overhead, complicates your project, and costs you time and money.



EXPERIENCE GIVES YOU A FLEXIBLE, SMART DESIGN  |  Design ideas are arrived at together and always with your budget in mind.  Tom’s hands on construction experience will help create your final working drawings critical to the transfer of your dreams to the job site and the sculpting of your project. 





EXPERIENCE MEANS A FLEXIBLE WAY TO BUILD  |  Your project will start with a detailed set of construction documents clearly stating and illustrating your design.  A detailed schedule will be prepared in advance, that said, we understand that being flexible means it’s also important to adapt to any updates you may request.  We keep you up to date with respect to schedule and budget through the building process.  Most importantly, you will not have to worry about losing site of your original goals nor having to re-explain your wishes as Tom will be on site and in direct communication with you through the completion of your project.